Please download the shows from my server – please note all show links will open as an mp3 page within a browser. On a mac, if you use Safari you won’t be able to clearly download the file, so try chrome and firefox where those browsers allow more saving ‘as source’ – the links below from each show are all working and active, the individual tracks are often dead links due to how fast music moves on! I really hope you enjoy these links – please email me bovinelife[at]yahoo[dot]com any time!


Image taken whilst doing

1. Bill Calahan – Sometimes I wish we were an Eagle (Jim Cain)

2. Virginia Astley – From Gardens Where we Feel Secure

3. Last Days – The Safety of The North (Thoughts of Alice)

4. Soap and Skin – Lovetune for Vacuum

5. Loess – Loess

6. Helios – Unreleased

7. Japanese melancholy thing, will find link soon!

8. Drome – The Final Corporate Colonization Of The Unconscious

9. Cantaloup – On a hill not far away (aer015) 2008

10. Lord Ronald – Alasdair Roberts

11. Possibly ISAN – Apologies for this, I can’t find my reference, any help gratefully received!

12. Riceboy Sleeps – Riceboy Sleeps

13. Olafur Arnalds – Found Songs



2.Dent May – Welcome00:58

3. Max Tundra – Orphaned 04:25

4. Bovine Life Manatee Interlude 0:16

5. Mr Oizo – Positif (Original Mix) 02:53

6. Bovine Life Manatee Interlude 0:12

7. Pigeon Funk aka Seth Horvitz and Kit Clayton – Brukim Lo 03:15

8. Khonnor – Kite Tits 03:51

9. Bovine Life Manatee Interlude 0:18

10. Pigeon Funk aka Seth Horvitz and Kit Clayton – Alma Hueco 03:38

11. The Art of Noise – A Time To Hear (Who’s Listening) 03:32

12.Bovine Life Manatee Interlude 0:25

13. Brian Eno – This 03:33

14. Underworld – Ring Road (Radio Edit) 03:48

15. Anne Dudley – Counterpoint 0:56

16. Bovine Life Manatee Interlude 0:24

17. Get Well Soon – Help to prevent forest-fires 05:14

18. Get Well Soon – Born Slippy Nuxx 04:54

19.Bovine Life Manatee Interlude 0:55

20. Bretschneider + Steinbrüchel – Spektrum04:51

21. Julia Kent – Fontanarossa 04:03

22. Bovine Life Manatee Interlude 0:34

23.This Mortal Coil – Song to the Siren [watch] 03:30

24. Maps and Diagrams – Fcuarelas 01:24

25. Bovine Life Manatee Interlude 0:16

26. Jerry Goldsmith – Carol Anne’s Theme (End) Poltergeist OST 04:19

27. Bovine Life Manatee Endpiece 1:36

NEW! alternate download here at smaller file size!


An uncertain world. An economy affecting everyone. Shards of chaos! And with that in mind, it’s no surprise that BLSS09 reflects this! In this editions show, Laurie Anderson remixed, Balkan digital freak-outs, Lots of talk about science from Simon Bookish and a retro classic. The most clubby, beat-y BLSS yet! But you know there’s always the avant-garde influence and influenza that has caused this epic delay, but I’m in love with these selections this month. Go and buy them!


1. O Superman remixes
Laurie Anderson / M.A.N.D.Y. & Booker Shade
2. The Drop
3. Icefall
Nobukazu Takemura
4. Balkan Hot Step
5. Estrange
6. Synchotron
Simon Bookish
7. Constellations
Singing Science Records
8. Comptine D-Un Autre Ete (L’Apres Midi) – Yann Tierson & Jay Haze
9. Lichen 1136 Remix
Wisp / Aphex Twin / Squarepusher
10. England Fallen Over
Epic 45
11. Permanent Smile
12. A Quiet Day
13. A Crimson Grail Part One
Rhys Chatham
(Possibly one of my favourite pieces of music ever)
14. Don’t Worry
Jon Redfern & Becky Unthank


This show features The Village Orchestra, Erstlaub, Izu, Mandlebrot Set, Pausal and many more in a K-Tel stylee! Visit for more info on the artists. This show is a special for September! All the tracks are from the excellent Highpoint Lowlife label and this show features a strange interview with it’s founder Thorsten Sideboard, which is read out by my girlfriend who has pleaded for anonymity! – Even our cat is on the show! The show was recorded in the last week of August in Grez-sur-Loinge in France, and in London and Glasgow!

Tracklisting. Visit HPLL for all links.

1. Pausal – Place
2. Recon – Circle
3. The Village Orchestra – All The Little Lights Going Out
4. randomNumber – Troubled Moves
5. Recon – White Label Deconstruction
6. Tigrics – ?
7. Recon – Late. N
8. Izu – Get UR fleece on
8. The Marcia Blaine School For Girls – Qoelet
9. Bovaflux – Sleeptime
10. Funckarma – Pable Cath
11. Mandelbrot Set – Astronomy and Allied Sciences 1a
12. Matthew Rozeik – Laugh It Off
13. Marshall Watson – Day Dream
14. The Quiet Carriage – I Got Off The Bus And Walked Home Through The Woods
15. Joshua Torres – RE/ann
16. Pausal – Place


The Beginner – Alog
Bird List – Michael Nyman
Hasir – Modeselektor
Perse – Nirk & Dirk Leyers
Dancing Box feat TTC – Modeselektor
The Elie Street Session
The Sitole Brothers produced by The BLSS
Contenance – Marsen Jules
Destinationless Desire – Oren Ambarchi
Sorrow – Life Without Buildings
Lullaby from The West Coast Sleeper – Max Richter
Hugann Seiða Svalli Frá – Sigur Ros – with Steindór Andersen
Sunne Song – Nalle


Amreik – Eluvium
Mute Swan – Tape And Minamo
Jag Haver – Ingen Karare
Cellar Door – Michael Andrews
Himininn Er A Hrynja, En Stjornurnar Fara Per Vel – Olafur Arnalds
Saturday 29 (January) – Christopher Orczy
Circassian – Christian Fennesz
Augustus – Glenn Branca
Pathways (Verbunden) To Work – Klimek
Fjarskanistan – Amina
Altibzz – Autechre
In The Summer – Terry Riley
Archer – Greg Davis
Wondrous Horse – Cavallo Meraviglioso
Alku – Pan(A)Sonic

This is the sister download from my show in Glasgow’s West End Festival where folk watched online as I mixed eight hours of electronic drone based music with a live webcast from Glasgow University Chapel… No tracklisting on this, but if it’s irking you, just let me know where it’s upsetting you and i’ll tell you the drone! Sometimes up to four drones are playing at once by the way.


One of the most fun Bovine Life Support Systems so far!

This one is a collaboration between myself and Alex Norris, who I went to college with years ago. Alex came up to Glasgow from London for a trio of public events – The National Theatre of Scotland (Little Otik), The new (appalling) Indian Jones film and – most excitingly of all, to see and hear PUBLIC ENEMY! yehhhhh boyeeeeee!!! doing the 20th anniversary album show with the classic “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back!” and it was surprisingly great!!!

So, I’ve made this BLSS very very upfront, with a hip hop and beat orientated criteria. Alex and I recorded it around The Museum of Transport in Glasgow. For no apparent reason really, but it was a really really fun day. We hope you’ll enjoy it – we call it The Post Public Enemy Edition because, er, we were post Public Enemy gig!

This episode commemorates the Hip Hop History that was seeing Public Enemy perform their legendary album “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” at the ABC in Glasgow. Myself and Alex Norris wander around Glasgow’s West End whilst postulating the gig and thinking of their white hip hop histories.

Aiden MoffatCunt
The GrouchYou Ain’t Artsier Than Me
Mitchell BrothersHarvey Nicks
EfterklangMirador (Vincent Oliver Remix)
Alva NotoUnitext
UNKLE Feat. Nellee Hooper Feat. Justin Warfield – The Montague Boys / O Verona
Scarlett JohanssonFalling Down
UNKLE – Various Feat Mos Def and Various Soundtracks Mixtape from UNKLE’s Edit Music for a Film


It’s all change with this edition! It’s recorded on location and I have made a major executive decision! I don’t introduce the tracks, – it’s all about the playlist and it makes folk visit the site!

I cut the tracks in, over a kind of waffle stream of consciousness in the middle of the woods in Lumsden, Aberdeenshire. I figured that folk can visit youtube, wikipedia, or buy the albums from my links and be their own pilgrim if they are moved by the sonics. It’s been a long time coming this edition and it was going to be a double but I decided to editi it down in to a sharper single edition that will fit on a CD. Much of this show was edited on the TGV train between Uzes, France and on the Eurostar to St Pancras! and I’m writing this text on train three a cramped GNER from London to Glasgow with a flooded loo in close proximity.

I’d have gotten this out sooner had I not been on holiday this month… Back to Glasgow for the next edition. Track list below. It’s one of my favourite mixes so far! Enjoy it!!! Put something in the shoutbox! Chris 🙂

Click on song titles to be taken directly to either online shops to buy the albums or myspaces and such like.

01 Felicia Atkinson With Sylvain Chauveau
Aberdeen, Roman Anglais
02 Son Lux
Break, At War With Walls and Mazes
03 Burial
Exit Woundz, Ghost Hardware E.P.
04 Ivor Cutler
Get Away From The Wall, An Elpee and Two Epees
05 Lucky Pierre
Velbon, Touchpool
06 Koehncke/Heimermann
Albatros, Kompakt Speicher 31
07 Jacaszek
Rytm to Niesmiertelnosc ii, Treny
08 Lullatone
The Bedtime Beatbox, The Bedtime Beat
09 Snöleoparden
Dreng, Snöleoparden
10 Karine Polwart
A Tongue That Cannot Lie, This Earthly Spell
11 Peter Broderick
Something has changed, Float
12 Alasdair Roberts
The Calfless Cow, The Amber Gatherers
13 Yuko Ikoma
1ere Gnossienne, Moisture With Music Box
14 Bovine Life
15 Plat
Hverfandi (Vanish), Compulsion (2005 pressing)

DOWNLOAD BLSS 02 – 23rd Feb, 2008 – LINK

1. Jonquil – Lily
2. Johann Johannsson – Odi et Amo
3. King Creosote – Leslie
4. Islands – Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby!
5. Devotchka – New World
6. Rachel Unthank and The Winterset – Blue’s Gaen Oot O’the Fashion
7. Kal – Dvojka
8. Example – You can’t rap
9. MC Frontalot – Nerdcore Hip Hop
10. Greg Davis – sea green and cyan
11. Alarm Will Sound – Blue Calx
12. III – Julien Neto

Recorded near Byres Road, Glasgow by Chris Dooks – Email

Many of the artists on this comp have given permission to be involved in the show – if you are an artist who would like a track removed, email from your management or representative. The BLSS makes no money and serves only to promote fringe and outside music. If you wish to send demos to the show please email – if we like it we’ll push it with heart!

DOWNLOAD (January ’08) BLSS 01 – LINK

Tracklisting (click on links to buy their work) :

1. Intro to concept
2. Casiotone for The Painfully Alone – Cold White Christmas
3. Alaska in Winter – Homeless and Hummingbirds
4. Pikelet – Bug in Mouth
5. Adele – Hometown Glory
6. Kama Aina – Wedding Song
7. Detektivbryan – Nattopet
8. Gavouna – One, Four
9. M.I.A. – Paper Planes
10. Miracle Fortess – Beach Baby
11. Silent Land Time Machine – Everything Goes To Shit
12. Radicalface – Welcome Home Son
13. Radiohead – Four Minute Warning
14. The Field – Everyday / Show Outro

Recorded near Byres Road, Glasgow between 7 and 11pm by Chris Dooks – Email

Many of the artists on this comp have given permission to be involved in the show – if you are an artist who would like a track removed, email from your management or representative. The BLSS makes no money and serves only to promote fringe and outside music. If you wish to send demos to the show please email – if we like it we’ll push it with heart!

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