The Bovine Life Support System is a near-monthly radio show recorded and presented by Chris Dooks. Effectively you click on a posted link for a large mp3 file (usually 50-90mb) which usually takes you to where the file is hosted on mediafire. Go to the handy Show Archives menu on this site to get quick links to all the shows. But now you can listen on the listen page!

That’s me. I used to make arts programmes for TV – specialising in unusual music. I did a South Bank Show on Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner and I also made TV shorts on record labels like Via Satellite, a now defunct vintage electronica label in Glasgow. 

For the last ten years I have been making my own music and lens-based art – and have been funded for visual arts work in galleries, psychogeographic tours, lectures and so on.

But it’s listening to new music religiously – and a move to Glasgow that has inspired this show which I began as a new year’s resolution at the start of 2008. And I’ve kept it up. It’s partly personal diary, part info about the artists (occasionally) but the main point of it is for me to soundtrack my life and sort out my ever expanding music collection.

The Bovine Life Support System is legal. It’s a proper radio show and I try to have dialogues with most of the artists on the show. Artists are now regularly checking the show and sending in work to be played. But occasionally I won’t have time to clear a particular song – so I will always change the playlists if that ever happens, but it hasn’t yet – mainly because I make a point of having links to sources of where to buy the music. 

Check out the archives soon to see all these links (I have just moved the site to wordpress and it’s gonna take me a few days). So it’s a win-win situation – especially when I name check highly obscure artists – which make up a large percentage of each show.

If you want your music played on the show email me at

If you want to know anything else about my other projects visit


Chris Dooks

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 russell mofsky October 13, 2008 at 2:19 am

    hey chris,

    i like the new look of the site.

    hope you are well.

    i think i was supposed to make you some discs…i’ll have to check on my email from earlier this summer. i apologize if that’s the case. life with small child and recent cross country move – new job, etc…blah blah blah…anyhow…

    best to you,

    russell mofsky – miami, fl

  2. 2 bovineradio October 14, 2008 at 9:12 pm

    Thanks Russell! The new show is a bit delayed as usual, but so good to hear from you. We should maybe do a long distance project! Chris 😉

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