The Bovine Life Support System 2.0 Back for 2013


This blog ran from 2008-2010 and then it was pretty much mothballed. Links were down, files were missing the archive was dead.

It’s BACK!

All links re-uploaded, all new design, all new streams. All we need now are some more shows. I hope to integrate this blog with mixcloud somehow in 2013 and make it downloadable from iTunes also.

News since the last post (I’ve trashed them all)

1. I have a two year old boy

2. I now live in Ayr

3. I got married to my girlfriend (hear her in the blogs sometimes!)

4. I have a vinyl LP out which is part of my ongoing PhD which I will be writing up in 2013

5. Life could be a lot worse. I’m still ill a lot of the time but hopefully approaching middle age with a lot of disdain.

Chris xxx

The Eskdalemuir Harmonium

The Idioholism Trilogy – volume one out now here: